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Going to ground and rucking, Ruck Rugby



    Two players from the same side run with the ball towards a single defender. When the ball carrier is in front of the defender they should go to the ground and place the ball, rotating themselves 90 degrees so that they have their back to the defender and the ball is on their team's side.

    The supporting attacking player should ruck with the defender and apply enough just pressure to the defender to keep the ball available for other players on their team.

Coaching Points

    Player on ground:

    1. Fall at 90 degrees to attack
    2. Hit ground with knee-hip-shoulder in that order
    3. keep the ball in 2 hands
    4. when on the floor place the ball back at full arms length with 2 hands
    5. 2 movements - hit the ground and then place the ball back.


    • Drive low to high.
    • Hit the pads with shoulders NOT their hands.
    • Drive over the ball, do not bridge/stop as this creates slow ball.

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Going to ground and ruckingRuckRugby Drills Coaching

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