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Rugby Warm Up Drill: Wave After Wave



    • The front line of players run towards the other side of the grid while passing the ball down the line. When the last player in the line receives the ball the line form behind runs through and receives the ball to continue to the other side of the grid.
    • The first wave should realign behind the second wave, when the second wave has the ball.

Coaching Points

    Remember, select the coaching points that you feel are best suited to your session and training goals. Your own coaching points are also important!

    • Ball carrier predominantly carries the ball in two hands to maximize passing and offload options.
    • Passes over short distance do not need to be spin passes.
    • Passes are weighted correctly in terms of speed, distance, and position.
    • The receivers hands are out.
    • Passes are efficient and draw the ball across their body in one motion, when quick hands is the preferred option.
    • Pop passes are used when giving an inside or outside ball.
    • Players should, at some point, feel free to be creative and experiment.
    • Don't get hung up on mistakes, they happen - get over it! Give your players the freedom to make mistakes and to learn from them. The next pass is the most important pass, you as the coach need to adjust players passing style etc.
    • Encourage a high tempo and a culture of working hard, but having fun.
    • Players communicate with one another using the 3 E's: efficient, effective, encouraging.
    • If defenders are introduced: Players should work together and draw defenders away from the space they wish to attack.

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