Decision Making and Handling
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As the well known saying goes, time waits for no man, which is why when it comes to attacking your players will need to be fast to catch the opposition's defence out of position. To capitalise on ball turnover this week's session looks at fast breaks, ball handling and quick decision making.

This simple to set up session is ideal for all players and can be easily adapted to make it a tag only or a full contact session to suit all levels, beginners or advanced.

What's in the Session?

To help your players run into space with a good support line this session gets you to call the shots - In the two final Conditioned Games you decide how many defenders should run out to face the oncoming attackers. If you only shout one number out your attackers will have an easy 5v1, however if you want to make it tricky why not call out four defenders to give you attackers only the slightest of advantages in a 5v4 drill.

Get your attackers working on their decision-making skills when under pressure while also looking at how your defenders cope in overload situations - will they communicate and break down the attack or will they just break down?

Session Ratings: 11 ratings with 2 comments (see below)
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Decision Making and Handling
Graham Davies
England Graham Davies
Good drill to show the importance of decision making and handling
Decision Making and Handling
Miika Valo
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Miika has 0 followers
liked the structure, final drills lacked creativeness - over all a good plan

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