Kicking fun for beginners - Perfecting the Kick
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You don't just become a kicking king in rugby - it takes hard work, excellent timing and accuracy. All of this takes time and practice to perfect, so what better place to start than with this week's fun kicking from the hand session for beginners.

What's in the Session?

In this session we work on grubbers and punts in a series of conditioned games. To ensure all your players are masterful kickers we start with a simple kicking warm-up which will allow you to coach the key points of kicking.

Once players have perfected the basics we then move onto mini-games which will help your players to learn when to employ the kick and to see how accurate kicking can help your side in the right sort of situation - allowing you to keep the ball in play and progress the attack for longer!

The Key Kicking Points:

  • Keep your eyes on the ball
  • Point non-kicking foot in the direction of the kick
  • Point the ball in the direction of your kick
  • Stand strong on your non-kicking leg and follow through

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