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Kicking >> The Drop Kick

The kicker needs to hold the ball with their fingers pointing down or forward. Hold the ball out in front of you at waist height, with their elbows bent inward.

The kicker must keep their eyes on the ball, and release it to drop vertically, upright and angled slightly toward them. As the ball lands on the ground, use the instep to connect with the ball on the half-volley, and sweep through to kick the ball into the air.

For the follow-through, the kicking foot swings through high, above head height, and the non-kicking leg supports the kickers weight. Remember to keep your eyes on the ball and the point where it initially lands throughout the drop-kicking action.

  • Select target
  • Keep eyes on ball
  • Hold ball in front at waist height, elbows bent slightly in
  • Hold ball along side, fingers forward and down
  • Keep head down over ball
  • Drop ball upright, angled slightly towards the kicker
  • As the ball lands, instep connects with ball
  • Non-kicking leg bears your weight
  • Kicking foot swings above head height
  • Eyes on ball, and the point on the ground where it lands
  • Drop the ball directly on to its point
  • slightly in front of the kicking foot.
  • Make contact on the half-volley.
  • Keep the head and the eyes over the ball throughout the kick.
  • Kick straight through the ball.


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