Individual Skills
Kicking >> Grubber kick

The kicker needs to lean forward with their head and eyes over the ball while holding the ball upright across its side seems with one hand on each side.

Release the ball and make contact with it just before it lands upright on the ground. Point the toes towards the ground, and make contact with the laces while keeping the knee bent slightly ahead of the ball.

The kicker makes contact with the upper half of the ball. Follow through with a low, straight leg so the ball moves along the ground.

  • Select target
  • Keep eyes on ball
  • Keep head over the ball
  • Lean forward
  • Steady yourself if running
  • Hold ball on each side across side seams
  • Hold ball upright
  • Release ball to fall upright
  • Make contact just before ball lands
  • Point toes down, make contact with laces
  • Keep bent knee slightly ahead of the ball
  • Make contact with upper half of ball
  • Punch ball along the ground
  • Leg stays low and straight
  • Point the top of the ball slightly backwards and towards the body.
  • Hold the ball slightly across the side seams.
  • Drop the ball on to the foot.
  • Point the toes and make contact with the laces on the top of the ball keeping the knee slightly ahead of the ball.
  • Punch the ball along the ground.
  • A side-footed action can also be used.


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