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    • The attackers need to get from one end of the grid, a safe zone, to the other end of the grid, another safe zone, without getting touched.
    • You decide if the touch should be two hands or one hand.
    • You decide when Hares can run, the attack begins on your call and each Hare has 10 seconds to start their attack.
    • If a Hare is touched, they become a Hound - joining the defence.
    • The last Hare standing or touched is the winner.
    • The last two Hares in each game, become the first two Hounds.
    • Tell your players the laws of this game, but keep your player briefing, brief!

Coaching Points

    Don't feel that you have to focus on all of the following coaching points, select the points that most suit your session goals. You may also have some of your own?

    • Defenders work together to isolate attackers.
    • Communication between defenders is effective, efficient, and encouraging.
    • Attackers can work together to draw defenders away from one another.
    • Attackers use changes in foot speed to beat defenders.
    • Attackers side step, spin, and change direction or running lines quickly - in order to beat defenders.
    • Attackers work at pace.
    • Attackers keep their heads up and eyes open, scanning for space and working to create space.
    • Attackers attack space quickly, and make decisions base on defeners body language.
    • Attackers scan for mismatches and attack those mismatches e.g. is there a defender that looks tired and is breathing heavily?

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